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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sexiest Phone/PDA Ever

Runs windows mobile, has bluetooth, wifi, 2 MP camera, and a 2.5 inch screen.

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Parallels Desktop adds Vista support...

Parallels today released an update to its Parallels Desktop for Mac virtualization software that adds Windows Vista support and improves support for Apple's new Mac Pro systems with performance improvements and new tool help users with large RAM configurations

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Obsessive speller? Use a Mac? Check this out!

Sometimes you find out something so bloody useful like this only after years and years on a Mac. No less useful non the less.

Pressing the ESC key after typing in a character or part of a word while in iChat, Mail, TextEdit, etc. will reveal a drop down menu. This menu contains all the words your computer knows that begin with that combination of letters! Pretty neat, and a great time saver!!

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